Interview With Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie

Sophie Jaffe is the creator of Philosophie, a line of superfood protein blends and products that don’t contain any sugar, soy, stevia, or processed ingredients, but still taste amazing (seriously, her Cacao Magic blends are to die for!). She’s also a raw food chef, yoga instructor, and mother to two little boys. Last month, I met up with Sophie in her beautiful new home in L.A., where she whipped up this delicious green smoothie and talked about how she started Philosophie, how she finds balance, thoughts on body image, and the importance of keeping it real.


“I worked at a juice bar about twelve years ago in Hollywood. I was working under the owner, who is a celebrity personal trainer. I always say I got a PhD in raw foods working at that juice bar, just from experience, asking questions, and being around it every day. I worked 60-70 hour weeks because I loved it so much. Then I became the manager and started doing group cleanses—going into the juice bar at 5AM, making juices for thirty people, and having them all ready by 8AM.

I learned a lot from that experience, but I realized I didn’t want to work for someone else anymore, so I started working out of my kitchen and delivering cleanses all over the city. Eventually, the operation got so big that my husband had to kick me out of the kitchen. So I got my own commercial kitchen, and started creating group cleanses out of it multiple times a month for 50-60 people. I was also making food for Erewhon, which is a very trendy and popular health food market. I would deliver them weekly smoothies, salads, and desserts—this was way before they had their giant section of raw, healthy to-go foods like today. I was also George Clooney’s private chef during that time.

I was juggling it all for eight months, until I was about 7 months pregant with my second son, Leo. My husband was like, ‘This is crazy. You’re constantly running around and on your feet and you’re about to have a second child.’ I was like, ‘I’ll make it happen.’ I was young and thought I could do anything. But he was right, it wasn’t very sustainable. Once I had Leo, that’s when it all kind of transformed. I officially created Philosophie and started packaging and selling Green Dream—a mix of superfoods like spirulina, mesquite, maca, and hemp powder. It’s funny because I was already making these superfood blends for my clients, but up until then, I was selling them kind of like a black market—like ‘Meet me in the alley!’ Then I’d meet them there with their Green Dream and they’d pay $200 for a pound. It was just hilarious. From there, I created Cacao Magic and Berry Bliss, as well as coconut butters and honeys infused with the same superfoods. All of them are what I would put in my perfect smoothie or snack, and they’ve really changed the way I feel—my energy, mood, and happiness.”


“It can definitely be challenging to balance it all, but I think having kids helped me realize what’s important in life. I actually had this realization when I was at a park in Beverly Hills. I had just had Leo, and I was with my two little boys running around the park. I looked down at my phone and I had thousands of emails, just piled up in the weeks after Leo was born—I suddenly felt so overwhelmed. But then I looked back at my kids, and in that moment I was like, ‘None of this matters. I could take my phone right now and throw it against the wall, or throw it into the ocean, and it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that my kids are happy, healthy, safe, and loved. Everything else is extra credit.’ It just gave me perspective. If I answer three emails today, and if I make one phone call, I am golden. It released a lot of that pressure and tension. I still have to remind myself of that all the time.”


“I definitely have to make it a point to schedule in time for myself. The people in my life know that it’s really important for me, and to not take it personally if I disconnect and need to stay home and take a bath or whatever. For me, self-care is like the whole airplane oxygen mask situation—you have to put the face mask on yourself first and then the child’s. As long as I’m filling myself up, and I’m getting a little bit of movement every day, and I’m feeding myself nutritious, beautiful foods, my kids are going to be fine. But if I don’t, and I’m a mess, and I’m not getting enough sleep, and I’m not taking care of myself, they’re going to suffer for it. Then everyone else in my life will feel it too. It’s important that I’m grounded and balanced, and I’m taking good care of myself.

One of my favorite self-care rituals is taking a bath. I do it at least once a week. I love just disconnecting from the world. I’ll maybe bring something to read in there or just light candles and zone out. I love using this Chrysalis Detox Bath Soak that my sister handmakes. I’ll just dump the whole bag in there—it’s got so many amazing essential oils and ingredients. We just moved and now that we have this great new bathtub, I‘ve been taking more baths, which is so nice. I’ve also been doing a lot more yoga in the last few years. It used to be an extra to my other more strenuous workouts, but now it is the workout. I find that it’s great for mental balance. No matter how busy it gets, I try to do at least ten minutes of yoga a day and not feel guilty about it.”


“I’ve come really far in my relationship to food and my body. I never thought that I was fat but in my early twenties, when I moved to LA and was going to UCLA, I definitely took on the women around me. In college, it’s just so easy to constantly compare yourself to other people. It definitely led me to create some disordered thinking around food. It’s been a process to recover from that. Again, I think having kids was really healing for me, because it was like, wow, I can create a baby, and a healthy baby at that. They’re beautiful, they can think, they can speak, they can walk—the fact that I created that, who cares what size jeans I wear?

Now, I can also see beyond the physical and know that I’m not just this body—that it’s actually a spiritual experience to be a parent, a woman, a human being. I think my relationship with food, exercise, my body, and just life in general is much more balanced. I did a talk actually at Wanderlust. It was all about getting back to your childlike nature—no guilt, no shame, and eating whatever will bring you joy. Not like, ‘Oh no, how many calories is in that?’ There’s probably six hundred calories in this matcha smoothie. But I don’t think that way anymore. I think of the nutrition. I think about how it’s going to make me feel and fuel me. This smoothie will keep me going until lunch, and in a really great, clean way.”


“I think that a big problem with social media is that you’re only seeing one dimension of a person’s life. It’s what they want to show you. It’s really easy to fall into the trap of thinking that other people are perfect and comparing yourself to them. So I think it’s really important to tell all sides of the truth. Even if it makes you vulnerable or uncomfortable because we need the full perspective. We need to use social media in a way where it’s not just about what’s beautiful or perfect, but what’s real. That’s why you’ll see me at least once a week talking about the struggles that I’ve been through that week, even if it’s with a beautiful photo. Because that’s real life. You have to embrace the positive and the negative.

I’ve also been through a lot in my twenties with my husband. It’s all very out there. I wrote an article for Women’s Health and Mind Body Green—they’re both about different sex addiction problems that my husband and I went through right before and in the beginning of our marriage. It’s taken years of honesty, vulnerability, and hard work to push past it. But now we’re leading our first couples retreat next March for people that want to take their relationship, intimacy, and communication to the next level. Instead of feeling shame and letting our past break us down, we want to share our experiences to help and inspire others in their journey.”


You can connect with Sophie on her Instagram and try her delicious superfood blends, coconut butters, and honeys through her website.


Photos by Stephanie Park

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